7 reasons you need to engage us to improve workplace performance

Are you looking to enhance workplace performance and drive your organisation towards greater success in terms of culture, team engagement and performance?

At Working Wise, we’re your trusted partners in achieving just that.

Our comprehensive suite of training and coaching services caters to both individuals and groups, including managers and employees within your organisation.

We offer seven modules all designed to engage leaders in workplace health, safety and wellbeing, increase productivity, and create a healthier workplace culture. 

The Working Wise core modules cover:

1. Duties, responsibilities, and activities in the workplace to comply with the HSWA.

2. How does a Health, Safety and Wellbeing leader act in the workplace?

3. Engage teams to identify and manage health, safety and wellbeing risks in the workplace.

4. Set up systems to prevent and respond to workplace bullying and unacceptable behaviour.

5. Encourage event reporting to create meaningful change from investigations.

6. Looking for improvement by investigating day to day work.

7. Monitor risks and measure improvements with lead indicators.

Interested in finding out how Working Wise can help your organisational H&S culture?

Contact our team today for a free chat on how we can assist to engage you and your workplace in health, safety and wellbeing to achieve a more productive and successful workplace environment.

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