Welcome to Working Wise

Engaging you in health and safety

We help people to become skilled and engaged in health and safety by providing systems, tools and support that achieves healthier and safer workplaces.

Not only do we want to make sure your workplace has all the necessary health and safety systems in place, we’ll provide you with the tools and support to engage your staff so that health and safety is just part of the way that you do business.

With Working Wise’s support and advice we’ll help upskill your people to become health and safety leaders.

Together, we’ll create health and safety solutions that work for everyone, are easy to use and engaging.

Our History

Working Wise is an established health and safety company with over 20 years’ experience in delivering services to our clients.

Our Managing Director Jeena Murphy is an approved SafePlus Assessor, and prior to that had completed over 250 ACC WSMP audits.

Our team is committed to great customer service and supplying solutions that are easy, interactive and add value to our clients’ businesses.

We are an All-of-Government approved supplier for our health and safety services and a trusted provider to many government departments and agencies. We have a diverse client base and also provide services to the health sector, education sector, NGOs and private enterprise.

Our Team

Jeena Murphy – Managing Director

Jeena is an experienced health and safety practitioner with over 20 years’ experience working with a diverse range of clients. Jeena is also the Managing Director of Working Wise.

She had a four-year stint at WorkSafe working on health and safety guidance regarding working at height, worker participation, safe use of machinery, and preventing and responding to workplace bullying.

Jeena has a passion for engaging people in health and safety by helping them become health and safety leaders.

She also has a keen interest in improving workplace culture and participated in developing a workplace health and safety culture assessment tool which Working Wise now uses with their clients.

Jeena has recently become a registered member of the Health and Safety Association New Zealand (HASANZ). Check out her membership profile here.


Sarah McCall – Business Development Manager

Sarah is our very competent Business Development Manager who is responsible for growing Working Wise’s market share and customer base.

Sarah effectively manages the office business systems and client relationships, and also oversees our sales and marketing strategies. She works on developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns to help grow Working Wise’s brand.


Jen Breed – Trainer and Health and Safety Advisor

Jen has more than twenty years’ experience as an advisor, facilitator, and trainer in health and safety, team and relationship building and workplace culture change.

Jen is developing our Engaging Leaders programme and can tailor programmes to meet business and workplace needs.

Jen is experienced in delivering first line leadership training programmes for our clients, and is a trainer for the WorkSafe Reps health and safety representative training courses.


Gareth McPeake – IT Manager

Gareth is our IT extraordinaire and has worked in customer service roles, product and software development roles, change management, and website development.

He is busy reconfiguring GOSH and creating versions of GOSH for the education, government and health sectors.

Gareth comes up with innovative solutions for our products, so if there’s something you want, then he’ll come up with a way to do it.

Engaging your
staff to create
safer workplaces


Kate Edmond – Wellstaff

Kate is an experienced occupational health nurse who we contract to deliver our occupational health services.
Kate is extremely professional and has a great range of skills. Currently she completes our health monitoring, workstation assessments and pre-employment screening.


Ann Horner

Ann is our associate based in the South Island.
Ann’s a SafePlus assessor and was on the panel designing the tool. She’s been an ACC auditor and has been involved in workplace health and safety for 20 years.

She spent 10 years at ACC as an injury prevention consultant and then a programme manager for Workplace Programmes.
She is an experienced health and safety rep trainer, has an MA in Education and is completing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, focusing on health and safety.


Sheryll Wilkinson

Sheryll’s been an auditor with Working Wise Ltd since 2009. Sheryll is based in the Hawkes Bay.
She has worked in the occupational safety and health field for 32 years. She has a broad industrial and practical experience in health and safety.

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