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We help people to become skilled and engaged in health and safety by providing systems, tools and support that achieves healthier and safer workplaces.

Business Team

Not only do we want to make sure your workplace has all the necessary health and safety systems in place, we’ll provide you with the tools and support to engage your staff so that health and safety is just part of the way that you do business.

With Working Wise’s support and advice we’ll help upskill your people to become health and safety leaders. Together, we’ll create health and safety solutions that work for everyone, are easy to use and engaging.

Our History

Our Managing Director, Jeena Murphy, established Working Wise in 2000. Working Wise is an established health and safety company with over 20 years’ experience in delivering services to our clients. GOSH, our health and safety software, was first launched in 2011 and has been continuously improved and updated to benefit our clients.

Our team is committed to great customer service and supplying solutions that are easy, interactive and add value to our clients’ businesses.

We are an All-of-Government approved supplier for our health and safety services and a trusted provider to many government departments and agencies. We have a diverse client base and also provide services to the health sector, education sector, NGOs and private enterprise.

Jeena Murphy – Managing Director

Jeena is a health and safety specialist with over 20 years’ experience working with a diverse range of clients, both as a consultant and as an employee in health, safety and wellbeing advisory roles.

Jeena is an approved SafePlus Assessor, and has completed 500 health and safety related audits and reviews with a diverse range of clients over her career. This wealth of experience has given her valuable insights into what works well in health and safety systems and how improvements can be improved.

Jeena was a founding member of the Guidance and Standards team at WorkSafe NZ. Over her four years with WorkSafe NZ, she launched guidance for working at height, preventing and responding to workplace bullying, safe use of machinery and worker engagement and participation.

Jeena is passionate about engaging people in health and safety by helping them become health and safety leaders. She also has a keen interest in improving workplace culture and Working Wise developed a health, safety, and wellbeing culture assessment tool, The Pathway to HSW Excellence, which is used in their work with clients.

In 2019, Jeena completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice (with distinction) specialising in health and safety metrics. She is a health and safety professional registered with Health and Safety Association New Zealand (HASANZ) as well as a professional member of New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM).

Our Team

Julia Stevenson-Galvin – Office and Customer Experience Manager

Julia provides outstanding administrative support to our staff and clients, and will generally be your first point of contact. Julia has over 10 years experience in the public sector.

She coordinates all our contractors and client bookings, and manages our annual Flu Vaccination Programme. She also oversees our company’s social media platforms, helps create communications content and provides support for projects and marketing campaigns.

Jen Breed – Trainer and Health and Safety Advisor

Jen has more than twenty years’ experience as an advisor, facilitator, and trainer in health and safety, team and relationship building and workplace culture change.

Jen is developing our Engaging Leaders programme and can tailor programmes to meet business and workplace needs.

Jen is experienced in delivering first line leadership training programmes for our clients, and is a trainer for the WorkSafe Reps health and safety representative training courses.

Josie Askin – Trainer and Health and Safety Advisor

Josie has had a varied career working in a range of senior advisory roles in the corporate world, including most recently at WorkSafe New Zealand. She is an experienced facilitator, coach, trainer and athlete. Josie is a firm believer that performance and productivity are intrinsically linked to physical and mental wellbeing. When we feel our best, we perform our best. With qualifications and experience in psychology, sports development, nutrition, coaching, change belief and sleep and stress recovery, Josie brings a holistic view of health, safety and wellbeing.

Aarsh Raval – IT Technical Specialist

Aarsh joined us in July 2022 and has quickly become a valued member of our team.

Aarsh provides support for our GOSH system and is active in working with our clients to resolve their requests. Aarsh is enjoying working on our client projects and has contributed some innovative solutions that we’ve implemented.

Aarsh has begun delivering training to our clients and he’s fast becoming the team’s PowerPoint superstar.



Gareth McPeake – IT Consultant

After some time away, Gareth has rejoined us to work on our new GOSH designs and customisations. It’s great having Gareth back in the team as he has so much knowledge about the GOSH system. He’s also supporting and mentoring Aarsh in his role as IT Technical Specialist and work with clients.

Gareth is experienced in product and software development roles, change management, and website development.


Tracey Emmerson – Emmerson RN Ltd

Tracey is a Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience initially in hospital settings but since 1991, she has worked in community health settings. Currently she completes our health monitoring, workstation assessments and pre-employment screening. Tracey holds the nursing profession in high regard and honours the responsibility by increasing her knowledge with current research and practice.

“Health is the most important asset a person has, and I consider it a privilege to engage with people to ensure they have the tools to maintain and grow their individual health needs.” -Tracey

Anna Spelman – Registered Nurse

Anna is a New Zealand Registered Nurse who joined us early 2022.

Anna’s career spans across the health sector, having worked for twenty years as a nurse and for over ten years in international health recruitment roles.

Currently Anna works part time in Primary Care as a Practice Nurse and is excited to extend her experience with working in the Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing industry. She is passionate about health promotion and client wellbeing.

Anna is an Authorised Independent Vaccinator and is NZQA qualified for drug screening.

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