Health and Safety for All of Government (AoG)

Working with All of Grovernment

Working Wise is an All of Government (AoG) approved provider for health and safety. We love working with Government and we’ve had 50+ years’ experience making health and safety work in the public sector environment.

We believe everyone is a workplace health and safety leader. Everyone in the workplace needs to engage and participate in health and safety for the business to succeed.

What we do:

  • Offer practical and constructive consultancy advice, along with reviews of systems, documentation and assessment of risks.
  • Create practical solutions to manage your hazards and risks, including those affecting mental health
  • Provide interactive training & workshops that cover a range of health and safety topics
  • Provide a range of tools, including GOSH our online system, to help businesses easily manage their health and safety and meet their obligations.

  • Help create a health and safety culture that engages your staff.

Improving your health and safety with GOSH

Our mission at Working Wise is to ensure government agencies have the sufficient support, resources and tools to meet their health and safety responsibilities.

GOSH is a cloud-based system which provides organisations with a robust and flexible way to report, track and monitor health and safety activity from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. It’s an easy and reliable tool as it offers a range of features to manage all things health and safety. See below to learn more!


Manage privacy & security risks with GOSH

Failure to keep sensitive information and data secure can negatively impact your organisation.  GOSH is a cloud based system that allows for secure storage of government data – ensuring that agencies are properly managing their privacy and security risks in line with the Privacy Act 1993.

The NZ Department of Internal Affairs provides security guidance for specific cloud services and maintains a list of cloud service providers at this link who have provided responses to the government cloud security and privacy considerations questionnaire – Working Wise’s GOSH system is one of those listed.


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Reporting Capabilities

GOSH Dashboard includes real time reports to present how health and safety is actively functioning in your workplace.

Risk Management

GOSH includes a Risk Register to help identify and manage workplace risks, as well as track effectiveness of control measures.

Incident & Event Reporting

When an incident or event occurs, staff can simply report it through filling in a basic online form. Managers will then receive a notification to begin investigating the report.

Flexible & Scalable

GOSH can be configured to meet your business specifications. The system evolves with your workplace and promotes best practices for health and safety.

GOSH can offer:

  • Dashboard with views for specific roles, providing a snapshot of overall health and safety activity and data in the organisation.
  • Simple links to accident, incident, hazard and risk registers.
  • Ability to instantly report incidents from your computer, intranet, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Ability to control critical risks and monitor the effectiveness of control measures.
  • Simple forms for reporting incidents, events, stress or discomfort.

Some Organisations We Currently Work With…

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Engaging Leaders in Health and Safety Workshops:


Some of our core sessions include:

  • How does a health and safety leader act in the workplace?
  • Facilitating teams to engage and participate in risk management and health and safety matters.
  • Encouraging event reporting to create meaningful change from investigations.
  • Making it last: monitor risk and measure improvements with lead indicators.

These are offered as a stand-alone modules or a series of regular coaching sessions that suit your business needs. 

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Prevent Workplace Bullying Workshops:


Our sessions with managers and workers include:

  • How to work through workplace bullying and unacceptable behaviour events to improve workplace culture.
  • Setting up policies, procedures and systems to prevent and respond to events.
  • How to create a workplace culture that prevents bullying and unacceptable behaviour.

We’ll work with you and your team to develop a strategy and plan to improve your workplace culture .We can help you run deliver the positive workplace improvement plan or coach you how to do it yourselves.

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Health & Wellbeing Services:


  • Workstation Assessments:

Good workstation set-up is crucial to prevent pain, discomfort and injury in office workers. We provide quality assessments to ensure your employees are set-up correctly. Click here for more information.

  • Corporate Flu Vaccinations:

Keep your organisation flu free. We provide workplace flu vaccinations every year. Click here for more information.

DPI/OOS Prevention Seminars

We run a very successful one hour DPI/OOS prevention seminar that works well for new staff in an induction setting, or existing staff. We guarantee no one will be bored silly or will drift off to sleep. We even supply participants with readable handouts and demonstrate practical stretches and exercises.

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