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Managing Overthinking: A roadmap to calming your mind

In its simplest form, overthinking is problem-solving that has gone awry. To overthink is to spend more time repetitively dwelling or ruminating on situations or thoughts than is necessary or…

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Lead Indicators: Using the correct metrics to measure health, safety and wellbeing performance

Given the detrimental effects that poor health and safety performance can have on the finances and reputation of a business, as well as on workers and their families, it is…

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Privacy in health and safety: part III

Exposure and Health Monitoring What are the rules around health testing? This much is clear: under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its regulations, businesses have an…

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Privacy in health and safety: part II

Generating a Privacy Policy The Privacy Act 2020 contains thirteen Information Privacy principles and codes of practice that suggest limits around the way you gather and share information, as explained here. At the same time, the…

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Privacy in health and safety: part I

Best Practice – Recording Incidents There may be times when you want to tell everybody at work about an accident in order to prevent it happening again. That’s well and…

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Hybrid Work: pros and cons for companies and employees

It has been a year since most workplaces have moved from remote working to a more hybrid model after the lockdowns. Nearly 70 percent of employees now prefer a hybrid…

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Tips to avoid driver fatigue on a road trip

Along with some much-needed downtime, for many, holidays and vacations also mean road trips. In our excitement to get to where we’d rather be, time behind the wheel can add…

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