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Overthinking it?

Useful tips to manage overthinking: Of course, overthinking can become an issue in itself. It can deteriorate your mental health and lead to stress, anxiety and loss of sleep. Furthermore, there are times when habitual overthinking may be indicative of a deeper issue, such as generalised anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder (more). Do you […]

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Building a Safety Culture Through Employee Inductions

Creating a strong health and safety culture and reducing risks in the workplace begins with your employees. Raising awareness among workers and instilling the right behaviours from day one is critical! The purpose of induction The main purpose of induction is to help new employees settle into the organisation and become familiar with the processes […]

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How Legalising Cannabis Might Affect the Workplace

Cannabis is the most used illicit substance in New Zealand. Estimates suggest that by the age of 21 in the region of 80% of young people will have used cannabis on at least one occasion with 10% developing a pattern of heavy dependent use (more). As the Government has proposed a new legislation that will […]

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Lessons from Lockdown: Working from home

During lockdown earlier this year, Working Wise conducted Virtual Workstation Assessments to provide support to remote workers and educate them on the best practices of setting up an ergonomic workstation at home. We sat down with our Occupational Health Nurse, Tracey Emmerson, and talked about her experience with helping workers to stay healthy and safe […]

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Having a Clear and Easy Process for Reporting

Reporting incidents and hazards helps workplaces identify trends in health and safety and prevent future incidents from occurring. Unfortunately, reporting is still often considered an administrative burden that is too difficult or time consuming. The biggest challenge is letting go of the out-dated processes that are embedded in the organisation. For instance, using a paper-based […]

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Advising Staff on the Importance of Reporting

Why is reporting important? Health and safety reporting makes a big difference in safety, efficiency and overall wellbeing. In order for reporting to be effective, workers need to understand why they are required to do so in the first place. Raises awareness – Reports that describe actual events or near misses are an effective way […]

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What is the Best Approach to Preventing Workplace Bullying?

According to Stats NZ, “Around 300,000 employed people, or 11 percent of workers, said they had experienced discrimination, harassment, or bullying in the past 12 months” (Stats NZ). Workplace bullying is defined as repeated and unacceptable behaviour directed towards a worker/group of workers. Different forms of bullying include, but are not limited to, verbal or […]

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Case Study: Building Confidence in Midland District Health Boards

Working Wise collaborated with HealthShare to develop and deliver ‘Investigating Workplace Bullying and Harassment’ Workshops to the Midland DHBs last year. The DHBs initiated this project to help HR practitioners enhance their abilities to carry out investigations into allegations of bullying and harassment – although the investigations frameworks and skills could be used in other […]

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Leading a Healthy Workplace Culture

As employers, we do our best to prevent harm and incidents from occurring in the workplace. However, we must aim to go beyond this and strive to foster a positive culture where workers are fully engaged, are treated fairly and feel safe in the workplace. The World Health Organization says: “a healthy workplace is one […]

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Advocating Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

How does mental health affect the workplace? Mental health is a terribly important factor in the health and safety of any workplace, however it is largely an unspoken issue. There are many ways that mental health affects the workplace, from culture to morale to productivity. Despite the stigma around mental health, employers need to be […]

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