The Impact of an Ageing Workforce on Companies

New Zealand’s ageing workforce is rapidly expanding. “For people in their 60s, the participation rate is currently 59 percent, but this will rise to 64 percent in 2038 and 67 percent in 2068” (more). So how is this likely to affect health and safety? The ageing workforce poses many opportunities for organisations. People who have […]

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Thinking About Calling It Quits?

Are you one of the 13% of kiwi adults who smoke daily? (Smokefree). If so, you’re probably not getting a lot of sympathy from your colleagues at work. A lot of people don’t appreciate how difficult it is to stop. In fact, many experts believe nicotine is as addictive as heroin. The comparison is not […]

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What is the Health and Safety at Work Act of 2015?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) is New Zealand’s most prominent labour health and safety law. The legislation came into effect after the Independent Task Force for Health and Safety recognised in 2013 that the country’s health and system was failing and urged for necessary changes. The purpose of the HSWA 2015 […]

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Enhancing Wellbeing: In Life and At Work

enhancing wellbeing at work

What does wellbeing mean to you? For most, wellbeing translates into the state of feeling prosperous, positive and happy, both at work and in life. A high-level wellbeing can include having good physical and mental health, high job satisfaction or having a strong sense of purpose in life (more). There are a range of factors […]

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Health and Safety Responsibilities for Schools

It’s without a doubt schools are vulnerably exposed to health and safety risks and hazards. From technology classes to playgrounds to education outside the classroom, the potential risks and hazards associated with the learning environment are endless. Thus, every school must have a strong focus on health and safety. They must ensure they are meeting […]

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Top Tips For Battling the Winter Blues

Seasonal depression is real! Formally known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the Mental Health Foundation defines SAD as a form of depression that people experience at a particular time of the year or during a particular season – mainly during the winter season. Its’ okay to feel a bit low as we battle our way through the […]

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What to Watch for When Monitoring Workers’ Health

“90% of business leaders said their health and safety risks were being managed effectively… But only 18% said they made work-health a priority.” Keeping your employees healthy will ensure a healthy business. As work can have significant impacts on an employee’s health and well-being, businesses have a responsibility to protect them by identifying and minimising […]

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Hot Desking: The Pros and Cons

hot desking

What is Hot Desking? ‘Hot Desking’ (also known as flexible work), refers to a working arrangement where employees in an organisation have no assigned workstations. Desks are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. As opposed to the traditional office set-up, workers have more flexibility over where they decide to work in an open-plan office. The […]

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The Benefits of Online Health & Safety Reporting Tools

Embrace the digital age! As we are all witnessing, the world is becoming more and more digitalised everyday. The rapid growth in technological advancements has also evidently affected the way workplaces function. The biggest challenge that organisations face is letting go of the out-dated and inefficient processes that are embedded in their organisation. For instance, […]

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The Issue of Lighting in Workplaces

Have you been experiencing random headaches at work? Do you often feel eye discomfort when staring at your computer screen? If you answered yes, your workplace lighting may be the cause of these problems. Studies have shown that eye-related symptoms are one of the most frequently occurring health issues amongst users of computers (more). Office […]

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