Changes to the NZ Privacy Act and What This Means for Organisations

Changes to the Privacy Act 1993 Amendments to the Privacy Bill have recently been proposed and are most likely coming into effect by the end of 2019. The reform aims to tighten privacy protection and promote early intervention and risk management. Furthermore, the Privacy Commissioner will hold more authority over decision making and investigations following […]

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WorkSafe NZ’s New Guide for Engaging with Contractors

WorkSafe NZ has recently introduced a new guideline for Persons Conducting a Business of Undertaking (PCBUs) engaging with contractors. The new document titled PCBUs Working Together, offers a more condensed guide for PCBUs who have overlapping duties under the HSWA 2015. It clearly outlines what is expected of PCBUs in regards to health and safety management […]

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Health & Safety Responsibilities of the Corporate World

Compared to a construction site, offices are usually deemed a lot safer for workers. However, office environments still have their fair share of workplace incidents and accidents. Physical and psychological harm caused by falls or slips, stress, poor workstation set-ups or toxic environments are the most common risks that can occur in the corporate world. […]

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WorkSafe’s New Way to Access Health and Safety Data

WorkSafe NZ have completely redesigned the way you can access health and safety data. They have created a ‘Data Centre’ which is a lot easier to navigate, especially for the less tech-savvy users. You can also tailor content to suit your needs, making it more convenient to view relevant information you’re after. Data is updated […]

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Suicide Prevention

New Zealand’s suicide rate has reached an all time high, with 685 deaths as of June 2019. Furthermore, the WHO recently released a report stating ‘despite progress, one person still dies every 40 seconds from suicide’ (more). Suicide remains a taboo subject in most workplaces, despite the legal recognition of mental health as a component of […]

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The Biggest Benefit of Reporting Stress and Discomfort

A 2017 survey conducted by Southern Cross Health Society and BusinessNZ found that 22.9% of businesses noted an increase in stress (more). High workload is cited as the main trigger of work related stress and discomfort. However, job insecurity, lack of training, poor health and safety policies and workplace bullying are also common causes (more). […]

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Experiencing Lower Back Pain?

Approximately 80% of adults will experience an episode of lower back pain at some stage during their life (more). Back pain can affect men and women equally. Moreover, office workers are at high risk of developing back pain. Many reasons can contribute to it, but the most common causes are poor posture, stress or being […]

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New Zealand’s Worst Measles Outbreak

As of August 2019, a total of 779 measles cases were confirmed in New Zealand – and 282 of those infected were hospitalised (The Immunisation Advisory Centre). Measles are a highly contagious infection that can affect anyone who has not been immunised. The disease can easily be spread through the air by coughing, sneezing and even talking. […]

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Are You Ready for the Big One?

It’s not if, it’s when. A 4.6 magnitude earthquake was felt in the capital city last Thursday afternoon, leaving Wellingtonians shook (more). But the ‘big one’ is yet to come. Geonet has predicted there is a high probability Wellington will be struck by an earthquake 7.8 or greater within the next 10 years (Geonet). So… […]

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New Rules for the New Zealand Public Sector

“Studies suggest that between one in five and one in three New Zealand workers report bullying or harassment annually” (WorkSafe, 2019).  Bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace poses major risks to workers’ health and safety. New Zealand has one the highest rates of workplace bullying and harassment in the world. Moreover, the issue seems […]

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