Dealing with Armed Robbery

It is widely believed that the duration of most armed robberies is under one minute. This is a very short time frame for the offender(s) to carry out their plan, but an even shorter time for witnesses to process the situation and make a rational decision on how to react. The advice from the NZ […]

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Too Hot to Sleep?

Finding it too hot to sleep at night lately? You are not alone. Trying to sleep on hot nights can be a nightmare, as your sleep cycle process is interrupted when your body temperature is too high. Your sleep cycle process is regulated by the sleep hormone melatonin, which regulates this process by dropping your […]

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Safeguarding Staff Health

Changes to health and safety legislation over the last couple of years have seen a fairly rapid change in mindset towards safeguarding staff safety. However, safeguarding staff health has been a lesser concern. Particular emphasis needs to be around stress, fatigue, and anxiety. In 2017, Business New Zealand, in conjunction with Southern Cross Healthcare, undertook […]

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Asbestos Regulations

Working removing asbestos from a roof inline with asbestos regulations

Asbestos regulations were most recently updated in 2018, following asbestos exposure having been identified more than once in the past 10-years’ as a leading cause of workplace-related disease causing death. In 2010, it was conservatively estimated that 170 of the estimated 700 – 900 fatalities from workplace disease in 2010 came from asbestos exposure, and […]

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The ‘Swiss Cheese’ model

In 1990 James Reason introduced the world to the Swiss Cheese model of accident causation.  This now forms the basis of most risk modelling. In Reason’s representative framework each layer of cheese represents a barrier that can prevent an unacceptable event from occurring. Therefore, in theory, lapses and weaknesses in one defense do not allow […]

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Be SunSmart This Summer At Work

Protect yourself in five ways from Skin Cancer

Employers have a duty of care to protect their workers. With the recent changes to New Zealand’s Health and Safety legislation there is an increasing emphasis on minimising risk in the workplace. There are many ways that UV exposure in the workplace can be minimised. Collaboration between employers and employees is the best way to […]

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Measuring the Cost of Drug Abuse

Close up of young people taking and tasting white pills

In 2016 the Ministry of Health published the first NZ Drug Harm Index. It is an attempt to quantify the damage caused by illicit drugs along three axies: personal harm, community harm and social cost. At first it may seem rather cold to see the findings presented in simple dollar terms. However, if you read […]

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Sleep Day

Sleep Day. Yes, that’s a thing now. “Approximately half of us never, or rarely, wake feeling refreshed in the morning.  We also have difficulty getting back to sleep when we wake in the middle of the night.  A third of us have difficulty falling asleep at night.”  This is according to Dr Karyn O’Keeffe, from […]

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Health and Safety Representatives

Health and Safety Representative Image

Is there a need for a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) in my company? Under Section 61 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (accessible here) the answer is yes: “A PCBU must have practices that provide reasonable opportunities for workers… to participate effectively in improving work health and safety… on an ongoing basis”.  Having […]

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111 For Those With Hearing or Speech Difficulties

Do you have difficulty hearing or talking on the phone? If so, then you are eligible to register for a text message system to connect you directly to emergency services. Hosted by the NZ Police Service, it gives text access to 111 Police, Fire and Ambulance services. Instructions on how to register are set out […]

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