COVID-19: Minimise the Impact on Your Workplace

Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, has undoubtedly affected workplaces across New Zealand and the rest of the world. Workplaces should be taking appropriate measures to minimise the impact the pandemic may cause.

Protecting the Workplace

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) requires businesses to mitigate health and safety risks and protect their workers from them, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Minimising the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace is crucial to keeping staff safe and well at work. The Ministry of Health recommends workplaces should encourage staff to:

  • get immunised against infectious diseases
  • wash and dry hands regularly and well, and use hand sanitiser
  • stay at home/work from home if they are feeling unwell
  • cover coughs and sneezes

Employers should also offer essential immunisations to staff, regularly clean the work environment and surfaces, and ensure good ventilation by maintaining the air conditioning systems. Click here for more information on protecting your workplace.

Working Wise offers workplace flu vaccinations across Wellington. We can visit your site and efficiently provide flu shots to protect your staff. Click here to book.

Planning for Pandemics

During a pandemic, it’s uncertain how severe it can get – which can negatively impact a workplace’s ability to continue to running.

It’s important for workplaces to take extra measures to protect their staff and put appropriate plans in place. Employers could start by identifying any risks and make an emergency plan. Regularly keeping staff informed by having a strong communication plan should also be considered.

In severe cases, workplaces may experience:

  • high numbers of workers away due to illness or caring for dependants
  • disruption to supplies of goods and services (due to disruption in supply chain)
  • national and international travel restrictions
  • restrictions on, or disruption to public transport
  • closure of schools
  • social distancing measures put in place (for example: increasing distance between workstations or working from home).

Taking these factors into consideration and planning for them can help your workplace prepare for the worst case scenarios and keep your business operating smoothly. Click here or here for more information on planning.

If you need assistance with Pandemic Planning in your workplace, contact Working Wise today for more information. We can help your business prepare by managing health and safety risks and form emergency plans.

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