COVID-19: Returning to Work After Lockdown

As NZ works towards eliminating COVID-19 in hopes of reaching normality again, workplaces must be fully prepared for returning back to work safely. Now is the opportunity for your business to reflect on what you have learned during the past few weeks and implement necessary changes to the workplace that align with public health guidelines and the HSWA 2015.

Before resuming operations, your business must put in place a COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines how you will operate safely and manage health and safety risks. A thorough documented plan will ensure COVID-19 controls are implemented and the health and safety of workers are not put at risk.

You need to think about risks associated with your workers, the facilities you operate, and any machinery or equipment that is used. The plan should also outline procedures regarding:

  • Cleaning & hygiene
  • Social distancing rules
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Contract tracing
  • Exposure to COVID-19 & self-isolation
  • Worker wellbeing

It is recommended you include your Health and Safety Committee/Representatives, team leaders and employees when planning, to ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. Heightened health and safety measures will need to be taken, thus, day-to-day operations and activities will look a lot different than before the lockdown. Check out WorkSafe NZ for more information on COVID-19 planning.

It is vital you start thinking about how you will maintain good health and safety practices when returning back to work – not only to prevent COVID-19 transmission but also to ensure the return to work doesn’t result in people being harmed from other work related risks.

Working Wise are here to support you in returning back to work safely after being in lockdown. We can help you develop a detailed COVID-19 plan that covers everything you require to protect your workers. We can also provide you with a COVID-19 return to work guide and policy, and help you develop a risk register that captures all of your workplace risks.

Contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling us on 04 4990710 for further information.

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