Diet vs. Nutrition

The US Centre for Disease Control estimates that at any given time 45% of women and 23% of men are on a diet (

Of these, 35% go on to become “pathological dieters” and up to 25% develop an eating disorder (

This is where dietary choices and nutritional requirements go head-to-head, and the results can be fatal. Further down the same rabbit hole we find the fringe diets, each with their own enthusiastic supporters: the purple diet, the baby food diet, the cabbage soup diet ( and/or bright ideas like “the inward use of soap to reduce corpulency” (useful if your last diet included tape worm eggs: another proposed solution).

Then there’s the “virtual gastric band”, which features imaginary bariatric surgery. Or you could opt for “regular elimination” with Bile Beans. And if the bean effect gets out of control, try gelatin-soaked cotton balls ( Because nothing beats the full-belly satisfaction of intestinal blockage. Or you could go the whole hog and join the the Breatharians, who believe that food and water are just addictions ( Our favourite?

For sustainable weight loss at a budget price, why not try the healthy food diet? Here’s a good place to start:

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