Engaging Leaders in Health and Safety

 Our health and safety philosophy

Everyone is a workplace health and safety leader. Everyone in the workplace needs engage and participate in health and safety for the business to succeed.

We coach and train managers and workers as health and safety leaders to increase the level of engagement in health and safety in their workplace.

Engaging health and safety leaders

Our mission is to engage everyone to be actively involved in health and safety every day in their work.

Our aim is to improve workplace health and safety engagement, leadership and culture change by:

  • Developing managers and workers leadership skills by increasing their level of engagement in the workplace
  • Improving workplace relations
  • More effective risk management
  • Looking for improvement in daily work.

In our experience, this leads to higher productivity, proactive workplace engagement, active continuous improvement and risk management.

A Framework for Success

What’s on offer

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Provide information and explore practical application of the H&S at Work Act Evaluate your current status integrating Work, Health and Safety into your business

Learning Outcomes and Resources

  • Ability to identify key areas of standards, compliance, best practise to manage Health and Safety
  • Methods to assess the key hazard and risks in the workplace and their levels of control
  • A framework for policies and procedures for engagement, participation and representation in health and safety practises
  • Key messages and resouce requirements to improve information sharing and education approaches for health and safety
  • Key processes for contract management
  • An evaluation of current status and action plan for areas of improvement


The Purpose of Health and Safety at Work Act

  • Identify relevant regulations and guidance
  • Clarify duties and responsibilities at all levels
  • Identify the key steps to establish agreements and practices with contractors
  • Explore the infrastructure for Hazard and Risk Management for your industry or organisation
  • Explore the processes, structures and benefits for worker engagement and participation in health and safety
  • Explore best practice, procedures and engagement with other PCBU contractors
  • Identify the “must have’s” in communication, information, and education for workers to participate in health and safety
  • Evaluate your current status and areas for improvement

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, H&S reps, H&S committees
Workshop; team planning and presentations

Engaging Leaders Engaging Teams

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Components of a Health and Safety System

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DPI/OOS Prevention Seminars

We run a very successful one hour DPI/OOS prevention seminar that works well for new staff in an induction setting, or existing staff. We guarantee no one will be bored silly or will drift off to sleep. We even supply participants with readable handouts and demonstrate practical stretches and exercises.

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