Experiencing Lower Back Pain?

Approximately 80% of adults will experience an episode of lower back pain at some stage during their life (more).

Back pain can affect men and women equally. Moreover, office workers are at high risk of developing back pain. Many reasons can contribute to it, but the most common causes are poor posture, stress or being out of shape.

Fortunately, the majority of people affected will recover – however, 10% or more may develop chronic back pain if not treated properly (more).

So how do you prevent back pain? 

Stretching and exercising regularly improves health and helps prevent lower back pain from occurring. Furthermore, managing stress levels and educating yourself on correct working postures can reduce the likelihood of developing pain.

ACC has a guide to lower back pain available here. Furthermore, the Health Navigator has a lot of good material on back problems which you can access here.

Your doctor should be your first port of call if your back pains persist for more than a few weeks. There are all kinds of potentially damaging mistakes you might make if you try to treat lower back pain without proper advice.

If you believe it is work-related, you should also speak to your manager. You can request a workstation assessment with Working Wise by giving us a call on 04 499 0710 or by filling out our online contact form.

Our assessor will thoroughly examine your workstation set-up and address the issues that are most likely contributing to your back pains.

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