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Online Health, Safety & Wellbeing System

Are your current health and safety practices time consuming, complicated or difficult to use?

GOSH Enterprise is New Zealand’s simplest online health, safety and wellbeing system. With GOSH, you’ll be on top of your game with our easy to use and interactive system and your organisation will be prepared to manage business requirements.

Online Health, Safety & Wellbeing System Packages
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Flexible & Scaleable

GOSH can be configured to meet your workplace specifications. The online system evolves with your workplace and promotes best practices for health, safety and wellbeing.

Reduce Risks & Costs

Save your workplace time, money and resources and be confident that your workplace health, safety and wellbeing meets best practice.

Simple & Accessibile

GOSH has a simple user interface making it easy to navigate, even for the non-health & safety professionals. It can be accessed 24/7 from any device.

Safe & Secure

GOSH is a cloud-based system that allows for secure storage of data. GOSH is listed on the Department of Internal Affair’s cloud services guidance and resources.

Incident & Event Reporting

We’re experts in helping you develop best practice reporting processes that will capture your team’s events and risks. Gosh makes it easier to close the loop by responding to events, completing investigations, and following up corrective actions.

Measuring Performance

GOSH dashboard includes real time reports to present how health and safety is actively functioning in your workplace. The scorecards have prepopulated HSW risk categories to help you make informed decisions.

Hazards & Risk Register

Review and monitor all of your hazards and risks with one easy glance. GOSH includes additional features such as reminders and a traffic light system for easy tracking.

New Zealand Owned

GOSH is a New Zealand owned and operated software which was designed to meet ISO:45001. We have over 20 years of experience engaging workplaces to build easy & interactive HSW systems.

Do great business with GOSH

GOSH will save your business time when you can instantly deal with staff reports as they are submitted. With our integrated approach, all your information will be in one place, so you can get on top of any emerging risks or problems such as events, hazards, broken equipment and unacceptable behaviours.

GOSH is designed to manage processes and activities linked to your risks. With the updated dashboard, you’ll always know how your system is operating, and can immediately see where your business can make improvements. Your team will be healthier and safer with GOSH, helping your business engage in health, safety, and wellbeing.

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GOSH makes it simple, how it should be

GOSH is a flexible intelligent cloud based system. It can be accessed online, from your Intranet, or from your mobile phone. Your staff can instantly report events directly from their phone or computer and you can get health and safety information to them instantly. Managers can use GOSH to effectively investigate reports, track workplace hazards and risks, and monitor all health and safety activity.

What you get with the standard GOSH system:

  • Custom branding
  • Instant event reporting from mobile devices
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Access to our health & safety knowledge base
  • Event/Incident reporting and tracking system
  • Hazard/Risk reporting
  • Risk register with corrective actions
  • Equipment/Maintenance register
  • Upload and securely store (or link to) your documents
  • Health and Safety inductions
  • Inspection/Monitoring checklist
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What else can we offer you?

  • Contractor Management
  • Injury management and return to work
  • Health monitoring database
  • Self-report of discomfort/stress/
  • Reporting of unacceptable behaviours
  • Visitor management
  • Training and competency register
  • Fleet management
  • Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) / Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Contact us for pricing and quotes. Agreement is subject to GOSH User Agreement Terms and Conditions.

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