Having a Clear and Easy Process for Reporting

Reporting incidents and hazards helps workplaces identify trends in health and safety and prevent future incidents from occurring. Unfortunately, reporting is still often considered an administrative burden that is too difficult or time consuming.

The biggest challenge is letting go of the out-dated processes that are embedded in the organisation. For instance, using a paper-based method for reporting. Not only is paper-based reporting inefficient, but it also increases the risk of reports getting lost or misplaced. This can also lead to the risk of reports getting into the wrong hands, resulting in privacy issues.

A study into barriers to effective safety reporting in healthcare, carried out by researchers from the University of British Columbia, found that the main issues faced by employees were:

  • time constraints
  • a sense of futility
  • a lack of education on reporting
  • an inaccessibility of reporting forms (more).

It’s important to build a strong reporting culture, where workers are willing to report openly and honestly. Providing workers with access to an easy reporting tool and uncomplicated forms can actively engage workers in health and safety reporting. Workers will also be more inclined to submit reports knowing they are strictly confidential. However, it’s essential the reporting process is clearly communicated to workers and they are trained on how to use the tool.

Moreover, show what happens after a report has been made, what the follow-up actions are, who is involved and what is expected of the notifying person. When people see that a report is actually addressed, the willingness to report will increase.

Keep reading to learn more about how switching to an easy online health and safety reporting tool, such as GOSH, can benefit your business!

The benefits of using GOSH for reporting:

  • Easy and quick – GOSH provides users with an easy to navigate system. Staff simply fill out an online reporting form and managers will then be notified to begin an investigation.
  • Access GOSH from any device – Reporting can be done anywhere, anytime and on any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).
  • Leads to a huge reduction in paperwork – Paper is bad for the environment! GOSH reduces the amount of paperwork in the workplace as health and safety reports are stored online. Moreover, reports will all be collated in one area making it easier to access and control.
  • Strictly confidential – Workers reporting via GOSH can be assured that their reports are kept confidential as reports will only be viewed by their manager. This allows workers to report with confidence and removes the fear that is generally associated with reporting.

If your business has yet to adopt an easy tool for health and safety reporting like GOSH, contact Working Wise now. We will gladly provide you with pricing, quotes and a GOSH demo for you to trial. What have you got to lose?

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