Health and Safety for Schools

Schools’ Responsibilities 
It’s without a doubt schools are vulnerably exposed to health and safety risks and hazards. From technology classes to playgrounds to education outside the classroom, the potential risks and hazards associated with the learning environment are endless.

Every school must have a strong focus on health and safety. Whether it’s kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools or high schools, they must ensure they are meeting their legal obligation of keeping everyone involved with the school healthy and safe, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Health and Safety Governance 
According to the HSWA 2015, the Board of Trustees is a PCBU who is primarily responsible for the health and safety of everyone involved with the school. They have a duty to put good health and safety management in place.

This may include:

  • Providing adequate resources, policies and processes to allow everyone to meet their health and safety duties
  • Providing for worker participation and engagement in health and safety matters
  • Providing the information, training, instruction or supervision necessary to protect workers and others from risks to their health and safety

Improving your health and safety with GOSH

Meeting health and safety responsibilities is unquestionably a challenging task for school leaders. Our mission at Working Wise is to ensure schools have the sufficient support, resources and tools to meet their health and safety responsibilities.

GOSH is a cloud-based system which provides schools with a robust and flexible way to report, track and monitor health and safety activity. It’s an easy and reliable tool for schools as it offers:

  • Smart reporting over a large set of health and safety data.
  • Simple links to accident, incident, hazard and risk registers.
  • Centralised monitoring and visibility of all health and safety activity.
  • Ability to instantly report incidents from your computer, intranet, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Ability to manage EOTC, Property Maintenance, Training and Comptency, Evacuation Reports, and more.
  • Dashboard for Senior Leaders, providing a snapshot of overall health and safety activity and data in the school.


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Good Governance

GOSH is specifically designed to help schools meet their health and safety duties under the law and provide workers with a tool to engage in health and safety.

Reduce Risks & Costs

Save your school time and money by improving the way you manage your health and safety risks while increasing efficiency.

Simple & Accessible

GOSH has a simple user interface making it easy to navigate, even for the non-HR professionals. It can be accessed 24/7 from any device.

Flexible & Scaleable

GOSH can be configured to meet your school’s specifications. The system evolves with your school and promotes best practices for health and safety.

GOSH Offers a Range of Features

Reporting Capabilities

GOSH Dashboard includes real time reports to present how health and safety is actively functioning in your school.

EOTC Management

GOSH includes an EOTC Risk Register and Event Proposal allowing staff to carefully plan trips and assess the associated health and safety risks.

Incident & Event Reporting

When an incident or event occurs, staff can simply report it through filling in a basic online form. Managers will then receive a notification to begin investigating the report.

Hazard & Risk Register

Review and monitor all of your hazards and risks with one easy glance. Also includes additional features such as reminders and a traffic light system for easy tracking.

Health and Safety Courses for Schools:

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 states that everyone is responsible for health and safety in the workplace – for schools this includes the board, principal, teachers, volunteers, parents and others.

To ensure everyone is aware of their role in health and safety, we offer a range of health and safety courses for school leaders. Our courses help them to become more engaged in the school’s health and safety and develop a range of skills.

The core courses cover:

  • Building a Positive Health and Safety Culture
  • Hazard & Risk Management
  • Health and Safety in Science Laboratories
  • Caretaker & Maintenance
  • Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)
  • and more …

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Skill Development:

We develop workers’ skills to jointly problem solve their health and safety issues and look for innovative ways to improve the school’s health and safety. The skill development we are focusing on through our health and safety courses includes:

  • Increased knowledge of health and safety in schools
  • Effective communication skills
  • Creating health and safety systems to prevent and respond to events
  • Problem solving/investigation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Innovation skills – thinking outside the box
DPI/OOS Prevention Seminars

We run a very successful one hour DPI/OOS prevention seminar that works well for new staff in an induction setting, or existing staff. We guarantee no one will be bored silly or will drift off to sleep. We even supply participants with readable handouts and demonstrate practical stretches and exercises.

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