Health and Safety Support and Consultancy

Working Wise are expert health and safety consultants that provide workplace health & safety solutions, professional advice & support. We can help you develop policies and procedures, assess your workplace risks, identify and control hazards and develop safe systems of work.

Our skilled health and safety advisers can help you create engaging health and safety systems by:

  • Reviewing your current health and safety systems
  • Assessing your risks and hazards
  • Developing safe systems of work
  • Developing policies and safe operating procedures
  • Creating improvement plans
  • Auditing against national and international standards and best practice.
  • Induction, training and supervision processes and procedures
  • Accident, incident and injury accident reporting return to work procedures, accident scene management and accident investigation procedures
  • Employee engagement, participation and representation
  • Emergency preparedness, including plans, personnel and procedures
  • Contractor management processes and procedures.

Health and Safety system options for small businesses

 Do It Yourself

We can supply the base documents that will ensure you have a framework to meet compliance with the health and safety legislation. We’ll supply you with a how to guide as well, but it’s up to you to fill in your own information and put in place your own system.

We have three levels:

  • Sole Trader or self-employed health and safety policies, procedures and site safety plan
    Cost = $650 + GST
  • Small Business health and safety system – up to 5 employees
    Cost = $900 + GST
  • Health and Safety system for businesses of six or more employees
    Cost = $1500 + GST

 Get the system, and some help too

For those who would like help in putting in place their health and safety systems, we can offer our implementation package. We will come to your workplace and give you six hours total of our time to help you put your new system in place.

During our visit we will cover:

  • how to set up each part of the system
  • which forms and procedures are most appropriate for your organisation
  • how to undertake hazard and risk assessment, along with setting up registers and audits,
  • induction processes
  • how to train your staff on the new procedures.

Cost for 6 hours of implementation/training = $900 + GST

Putting the health back into health and safety

We’ve got some great programmes to increase awareness about workplace health and wellness:

  • tailored workplace seminars
  • wellness week sessions
  • workplace health and wellness initiatives
  • team talks around health and wellness topics
  • preventing and responding to workplace bullying
  • managing workplace stress.

ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) Programme

Once your health and safety system is in place, you can save between 10 – 20% in your ACC levies by entering into the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) Programme. We will help you prepare for the audit that is completed by either ACC or an ACC Approved Auditor.

The audit has three parts, a site inspection, an audit of the company’s health and safety systems (looking at the paperwork) and focus group discussions with employees.

Many businesses find this accreditation helpful for contracting arrangements and showing that their health and safety systems met a recognised standard.

What is SafePlus?

SafePlus is a new, voluntary health and safety performance improvement toolkit for businesses. It defines what good health and safety looks like, above and beyond minimum compliance.

What will our workplace get out of it?

SafePlus is a performance improvement initiative that is different from traditional compliance audit products. Businesses can use SafePlus to assess their health and safety performance and receive tailored recommendations and advice on what they need to do to improve. There’s an emphasis on providing advice and guidance on workplace health too.

What does the evaluation cover?

SafePlus is made up of 10 performance requirements for achieving good health and safety performance. These are organised into three core concepts: leadership, worker engagement and risk management. This is all underpinned by the continuous improvement cycle.

Reviews of your current systems

We can review your current systems and processes and make recommendations on how they can be improved. This is a good way to demonstrate continuous improvement and is part of the due diligence a board or senior leadership team should be completing.

We can complete reviews and gap analysis using:

  • The Working Wise review tool that measures compliance against the current and health and safety legislation.
  • SafePlus Assessment
  • AS/NZS 4801: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Specification with guidance for use.
  • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

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