Is Terrorism a Credible Threat to Workplaces?

The word ‘terrorism’ has again become ubiquitous in the media. As part of this, the BBC published a thoughtful piece on what to do in case of an attack:

But is there any real cause for anxiety? The threat here is officially classified as ‘low’ (NZSIS, with about 30 to 40 people actively monitored ( There has not been a serious attack since the 1980s (during which we saw the Whanganui Computer Centre attack 1982, Wellington Trades Hall 1984, and the Rainbow Warrior attack 1985 — each of which involved a fatality). Nor has there been a single successful prosecution under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 (

Perhaps the most real and immediate issue is bomb threats, of which there are several per year. These need to be taken at face value! The Police provide great advice for those who receive threatening calls here:

Do not hang up after the call. Immediately contact the chief fire warden and then call the Police. There is also information on handling suspicious letters and packages here:

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