New Rules for the New Zealand Public Sector

“Studies suggest that between one in five and one in three New Zealand workers report bullying or harassment annually” (WorkSafe, 2019). 

Bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace poses major risks to workers’ health and safety.

New Zealand has one the highest rates of workplace bullying and harassment in the world. Moreover, the issue seems to be more widespread in NZ’s public sector.

The State Services Commission recently released a new set of standards (Positive and Safe Workplaces Standards) that aims to eliminate toxic behaviour prevalent in government agencies. State Commissioner, Peter Hughes, asserted that ‘every public servant is entitled to work in a safe and inclusive environment’. Thus, the updated standards set out the minimum expectations of staff and organisations in the public sector to ensure a healthy working environment.

The Positive and Safe Workplaces Standards is built on three key elements:

  • Providing strong leadership
  • Fostering good working relationships
  • Having trusted policies and procedures

Closing down on inappropriate behaviour is the first step in creating a positive workplace culture that encourages respect, inclusion and trust. To access the Positive and Safe Workplaces Standards, click here.

However, overhauling the workplace culture is easier said than done. It takes time, commitment and most importantly, collaboration.

Talk our team at Working Wise about our Workplace Bullying and Unacceptable Behaviour programme, which aims to enhance employee engagement and build a more positive workplace culture in your organisation. We work alongside team leaders and employees to develop strategies that will lead to a healthier workplace.

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