Providing a Respectful Workplace Culture

The World Health Organisation defines a respectful workplace as one that: “…encourages trust, responsibility, accountability, mutual respect, open communication and embraces the dignity and diversity of individuals” (more).

How can your company provide a more respectful workplace culture?

  • Respect and Trust – Respect and trust are the cornerstones of any workplace relationship. Employees have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and trust that this will occur in their workplace relationships. When employees are not treated in this way, it is not only a breach of their human rights, it also affects on-the-job performance and motivation.
  • Zero Tolerance – Ensure everyone understands that there is a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment at your company. However, you must also ensure to provide a clear process for reporting an incident should one occur, and what the investigation and ruling process is like.
  • Respect and Courtesy – The best way to make respect and courtesy a part of the company culture is to model it yourself, and ensure all your management staff follow your lead. Promote company communications that highlight the importance of respect in the workplace, and emphasise the proper ways to behave. If everyone treats each other with respect and courtesy, you will create a workplace that your staff are happy to come to every morning.

The New Zealand Government provides guidance on how to encourage positive workplace behaviours to create a more respectful and inclusive culture. You can read more about it here.

If you have concerns regarding your workplace culture and need direct advice, contact the team at Working Wise today.  We have many short courses that we can run in your business to help support your workplace environment.

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