Reliable Health and Safety Governance

What is Governance?

The governance of an organisation involves a set of values, processes and practices implemented by the PCBU (the organisation) and Officers (directors and boards). These values, processes and practices must ensure the organisation are complying with all laws and regulations and carrying out their due diligence by doing what is reasonably practicable to keep their organisation healthy and safe.

The Importance of Effective Governance

Health and safety governance is just as crucial as any other aspect of governance. It is the fundamental basis of managing all risks in the workplace and preventing harm from occurring – which is one of the main responsibilities of a PCBU.

The core elements of effective health and safety governance include:

  • Providing strong leadership and setting the direction for H&S management
  • Compliance with the HSWA 2015 and meeting H&S obligations
  • Encouraging worker engagement and participation in H&S

Failure to implement adequate health and safety governance can result in unwanted consequences such as damage to the lives of workers and their families, as well as damage to the organisation’s reputation and financial position.

The Pike River Mine disaster in November 2010 is a prime example of how ineffective governance can have detrimental impacts on both workers and the business.

Our Systems for Reliable Governance

Our mission at Working Wise is to ensure organisations have the sufficient support, resources and tools to meet their health and safety responsibilities.

We work closely with directors and leaders to help develop policies and procedures, assess risks, identify and control hazards and develop safe systems of work. Our aim is to improve your health and safety management to reduce the likelihood of economic loss and harm to people.

Furthermore, our GOSH system is specifically designed to help your organisation meet your H&S duties under the law and provide your workers with a tool to engage in health and safety.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Working Wise now for more information on how we can help you develop strong and reliable health and safety governance in your organisation.

Moreover, check out the Institute of Director’s Guide for Good Governance for additional information on governance for directors.

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