— S — T — R — E — T — C — H — E — S —

Are you one of the 144,400 people who had a soft tissue injury in 2017? If yes, your injury may have been caused through an incorrect seated posture, or by not taking enough pauses or breaks through your working day.

According to ACC, regular pauses for stretching are a must for any person who works in an office-based environment to avoid strain or injury. Click here to access the chart which illustrates recommended stretches to be done during regular breaks to also assist in avoiding strain or injury. 

ACC also recommends different stretches for people working in other industries such as health and hospitality, this can be found here.

Furthermore, ACC have Habit At Work — an online educational tool promoting self-help and problem solving for preventing and managing discomfort, pain, and injury, by education and guided self-assessment.

It is important to note that the wrong stretches, or incorrect performance of stretches,  can cause real problems, too, according to Physiocise executive director Anna-Louise Bouvier in 2015. So, make sure you understand how to perform stretches correctly before attempting any, or consult a health professional, such as your doctor or physiotherapist, for advice.

If you are currently experiencing any ongoing pain or discomfort, it’s important to firstly, see your doctor for a health assessment, and secondly, make sure you contact Working Wise for a professional workstation assessment! You can reach the team by phoning 04 499 0710, or by completing our online contact form.

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