Engaging health and safety leaders

Our mission is to engage everyone to be actively involved in health and safety every day in their work.

Our aim is to improve workplace health and safety engagement, leadership and culture change by:

  • Developing managers’ and workers’ leadership skills by increasing their level of engagement in the workplace
  • Improving workplace relations
  • More effective risk management
  • Looking for improvement in daily work.

In our experience, this leads to higher productivity, proactive workplace engagement, active continuous improvement and risk management.


What we do

We assist businesses to improve their systems and processes to reduce the likelihood of economic loss, and harm to people.

We facilitate an evaluation of health and safety workplace cultures within a business to identify both positive and negative factors within the workplace.

We assist the leaders and worker representatives to jointly develop steps towards workplace change. To get them to this place, we help leaders develop their skills to facilitate conversations, problem solve, and resolve conflict.

We assist clients reassess their risk management processes, with worker involvement, so they focus on creative above the line systems solutions rather than only human factor responses. Again we actively coach the health and safety leaders to improve their skills to facilitate conversations, problem solve, and resolve conflict.

We help our clients stay in business and meet their contractual and compliance requirements with important business relationships.

Engaging Leaders in Health & Safety Training

We provide a range of training and coaching services for individuals or groups of managers and workers within their business. We can offer these seven modules as stand-alone or as a series of regular coaching sessions.

The core sessions are:

  • Duties, responsibilities and activities in the workplace to comply with the HSWA.
  • How does a health and safety leader act in the workplace?
  • Facilitate teams to engage and participate in risk management and health and safety matters.
  • Assist workplaces to set up systems to prevent and respond to workplace bullying and unacceptable behaviour.
  • Encourage event reporting to create meaningful change from investigations.
  • Looking for improvement by investigating day to day work.
  • Make it last: monitor risk and measure improvements with lead indicators.

Skill Development

We develop workers’ and managers’ skills to jointly problem solve their health and safety issues and look for innovative ways to improve the workplace and business productivity.The skill development we are focusing on through our health and safety programme includes:

  • Team safety facilitation
  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem solving/investigation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Innovation skills – thinking outside the box
  • Leading work health and safety agreements
  • Understanding difference and valuing diversity
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