Engage Your Staff Through Coaching and Training

Our training and coaching programmes aim to upskill your people to be leaders and champions of workplace health and safety. Engage your staff through our interactive training sessions, so they add these valuable skills to your workplace.

Building effective communication skills that can challenge unacceptable behaviours. Creating a workplace where people solve problems and can resolve conflicts in a positive way while understanding differences.

Engaging Leaders in Health & Safety

Engaging Leaders in Health and Safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act requires businesses and organisations to engage their workers in health and safety matters.

It is the law, but it also makes good business sense. Engaged workers are more productive, innovative and more willing to assist in the success of the business.

When it comes to health and safety everyone needs to be involved, which is why our philosophy is everyone is a leader. Both workers and managers

There’s some core skills engaging leaders may need and that’s what our engaging leaders programme can offer.

We can deliver the whole programme, or we can tailor this to your business, which will upskill your managers and supervisors into being leaders in workplace health and safety and high performance.

Using our Pathway to Excellence tool will help you assess your skill gaps and we can tailor a programme to meet these needs, working with both groups and individuals.

This dovetails into our culture assessment tool so you can assess that your workplace activities and changes are making a difference and improving your workplace culture.

Engaging leaders – Health & Safety Culture Gap Analysis

This workshop helps people assess the current level of leadership, engagement, and health and safety by using our Health and Safety Culture Gap Analysis Assessment Tool.

At the end of the workshop participants will have identified the steps to take to build a proactive safety culture.

This is ideal for senior leadership teams, health and safety committees and health and safety reps.


Engaging Safety Leadership

We offer the following programmes for senior managers and leadership teams:

  • Coaching for senior managers
  • Health and safety strategic planning and goal setting for leadership teams
  • Developing risk management frameworks
  • Measuring the performance of health and safety systems
  • Measuring the effectiveness of risk management controls
  • Using the Pathway to Excellence to improve workplace culture.

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