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Workstation Assessment

An ergonomically correct workstation is crucial to prevent Discomfort, Pain and Injury (DPI) in office workers. 


Workstation Assessment

Getting workstation assessments for your staff is a constructive way to demonstrate that your company is serious about workplace health and safety.

But what you might not have known is it can also be a key contributor to improving workplace performance and risk management. Research has proved ergonomic interventions, such as workstation assessments, provide the best value for money for employers as workers feel valued and is shown to increase productivity.

Our Services

Full Workstation Assessment – 60 minutes per person (includes report)

Ideal for team members who are experiencing pain, have an injury or ongoing medical condition.
$180 + GST per hour

Roving Assessment

If you’ve moved floors or office buildings, this can be a good option to make sure all your staff are set up correctly.
Our assessor will come on site and help your staff set themselves up correctly.
$200 + GST per hour

Group Education Sessions

A great option if you want to educate all your staff in one or two group sessions. Get in touch with us and we can discuss prices.

Mini Workstation Assessment* – 30 minutes per person (includes report)

Great for new team members coming on board to make sure they are set up correctly or staff that have been there for a while and never had an assessment done.
$180 + GST per hour (2 or more per session required)

Virtual Workstation Assessments

We offer online workstation assessments via video call for remote workers. Ensure your remote workers are setting up their work space ergonomically to prevent the likelihood of developing injuries while working away from the office.
$180 + GST per hour

Remote/Home Workstation Assessments

Our nurse can visit your home or remote site and complete a workstation assessment. A full assessment will be undertaken.
$180 + GST per hour, plus mileage and travel time

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