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Standing Desks – Do you or Don’t you?

No doubt about it – standing desks are all the rage.

Furthermore, prices have come down so much over the past few years that they are even considered the default option in some workplaces. There are also new variants that are wall-mounted, cardboard, or even built into walking machines!

But how much of this is hype? On one side, there is a growing body of evidence that prolonged sitting is bad for the health. For instance and provide indepth information. The risks caused by sedentary work are known to increase when combined with lots of travel and/or a ‘couch potato’ lifestyle at home.

However, research is not so clear about the solutions. For starters, ask a waiter how they feel about standing all day. In short, we need to get beyond templates, averages and generalities.

The benefits of a standing desk are dependent on both the use and the user. In some cases, they might aggravate existing problems. For this reason, we’d suggest you begin with a workstation assessment before making any purchasing decisions. Our qualified assessors are able to make specific suggestions about product options and their budget implications.  You can request a work station assessment here (

Whatever you decide, we strongly suggest the desk(s) you buy, and their associated chairs, are easily adjustable to allow for both options. If you’d like to discuss this question internally, here is an easy-to-read and evidence-based summary of the pros and cons:

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