WorkSafe NZ’s New Guide for Engaging with Contractors

WorkSafe NZ has recently introduced a new guideline for Persons Conducting a Business of Undertaking (PCBUs) engaging with contractors. The new document titled PCBUs Working Together, offers a more condensed guide…

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Health & Safety Responsibilities of the Corporate World

Compared to a construction site, offices are usually deemed a lot safer for workers. However, office environments still have their fair share of workplace incidents and accidents. Physical and psychological…

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What to Watch for When Monitoring Workers’ Health

“90% of business leaders said their health and safety risks were being managed effectively… But only 18% said they made work-health a priority.” Keeping your employees healthy will ensure a…

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hot desking
Hot Desking: The Pros and Cons

What is Hot Desking? ‘Hot Desking’ (also known as flexible work), refers to a working arrangement where employees in an organisation have no assigned workstations. Desks are allocated on a…

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The Benefits of Online Health & Safety Reporting Tools

Embrace the digital age! As we are all witnessing, the world is becoming more and more digitalised everyday. The rapid growth in technological advancements has also evidently affected the way…

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The Issue of Lighting in Workplaces

Have you been experiencing random headaches at work? Do you often feel eye discomfort when staring at your computer screen? If you answered yes, your workplace lighting may be the…

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SafePlus Assessment
The Differences a SafePlus Assessment Can Make

New Zealand presents a dangerously high rate of workplace injuries and fatalities in the world. “The social and economic cost of people being killed and hurt in New Zealand workplaces…

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Go Easy On Yourself

Have you messed up at work lately? Hey, don’t stress – everybody makes mistakes. Failure can strike deep at our feelings of self-worth, and after a significant failure, people often…

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The ‘Just Culture’ Concept

If somebody makes a mistake in your organisation, are they better off reporting it or covering it up? According to E Tu NZ, a “Just Culture”  is one where it is…

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What Makes a Workplace Healthy?

The World Health Organisation’s definition of a healthy workplace is: “…one in which workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and…

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