Looking after mental health and wellbeing when working from home

It’s well recognised that working from home in a global pandemic will create challenges for most people, and for many it can create mental health and wellbeing risks. Some mental…

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The Impact of an Ageing Workforce on Companies

New Zealand’s ageing workforce is rapidly expanding. “For people in their 60s, the participation rate is currently 59 percent, but this will rise to 64 percent in 2038 and 67…

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hot desking
Hot Desking: The Pros and Cons

What is Hot Desking? ‘Hot Desking’ (also known as flexible work), refers to a working arrangement where employees in an organisation have no assigned workstations. Desks are allocated on a…

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The Benefits of Online Health & Safety Reporting Tools

Embrace the digital age! As we are all witnessing, the world is becoming more and more digitalised everyday. The rapid growth in technological advancements has also evidently affected the way…

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Workplace Flexibility: Four-Day Work Week

“Research suggest that in an eight-hour work day, the average workers are only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes”. The remaining 5 hours and 7 minutes are usually spent…

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