Are You Ready for the Big One?

It’s not if, it’s when. A 4.6 magnitude earthquake was felt in the capital city last Thursday afternoon, leaving Wellingtonians shook (more). But the ‘big one’ is yet to come.…

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Health and Safety Responsibilities for Schools

It’s without a doubt schools are vulnerably exposed to health and safety risks and hazards. From technology classes to playgrounds to education outside the classroom, the potential risks and hazards…

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Act FAST – Call 111 for stroke symptoms!

Stroke is the third largest killer in NZ after heart disease and cancer. The Ministry of Health’s campaign to help people recognise the symptoms is anchoring around the acronym FAST •FACE…

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— S — T — R — E — T — C — H — E — S —

Are you one of the 144,400 people who had a soft tissue injury in 2017? If yes, your injury may have been caused through an incorrect seated posture, or by…

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Is Terrorism a Credible Threat to Workplaces?

The word ‘terrorism’ has again become ubiquitous in the media. As part of this, the BBC published a thoughtful piece on what to do in case of an attack: But…

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Infographics to Liven Up Your Meetings?

Okay, health and safety meetings can be a bit dull. Infographics are great for bringing a group’s attention into focus. In many cases, they can also help launch discussions that…

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Get Ready For a Great Safe Summer!

With summer finally here, it’s time for a quick check-up on those moles. NZ has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world ( However, 90% of cases can be cured…

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Are you in a Tsunami Risk Zone?

People on the coast should run for high ground if they feel a quake strong enough that they cannot stand, or which lasts for more than one minute. This advice…

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