Looking after mental health and wellbeing when working from home

It’s well recognised that working from home in a global pandemic will create challenges for most people, and for many it can create mental health and wellbeing risks. Some mental…

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Advocating Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

How does mental health affect the workplace? Mental health is a terribly important factor in the health and safety of any workplace, however it is largely an unspoken issue. There…

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Preparing for a Pandemic

What is a pandemic? A pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease that becomes very widespread across the human population and affects a whole region, continent or the world. By…

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WorkSafe NZ’s New Guide for Engaging with Contractors

WorkSafe NZ has recently introduced a new guideline for Persons Conducting a Business of Undertaking (PCBUs) engaging with contractors. The new document titled PCBUs Working Together, offers a more condensed guide…

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Health & Safety Responsibilities of the Corporate World

Compared to a construction site, offices are usually deemed a lot safer for workers. However, office environments still have their fair share of workplace incidents and accidents. Physical and psychological…

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WorkSafe’s New Way to Access Health and Safety Data

WorkSafe NZ have completely redesigned the way you can access health and safety data. They have created a ‘Data Centre’ which is a lot easier to navigate, especially for the…

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Suicide Prevention

New Zealand’s suicide rate has reached an all time high, with 685 deaths as of June 2019. Furthermore, the WHO recently released a report stating ‘despite progress, one person still…

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The Biggest Benefit of Reporting Stress and Discomfort

A 2017 survey conducted by Southern Cross Health Society and BusinessNZ found that 22.9% of businesses noted an increase in stress (more). High workload is cited as the main trigger…

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New Zealand’s Worst Measles Outbreak

As of August 2019, a total of 779 measles cases were confirmed in New Zealand – and 282 of those infected were hospitalised (The Immunisation Advisory Centre). Measles are a highly contagious…

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New Rules for the New Zealand Public Sector

“Studies suggest that between one in five and one in three New Zealand workers report bullying or harassment annually” (WorkSafe, 2019).  Bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace poses major…

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