What is the Best Approach to Preventing Workplace Bullying?

Over 90 per cent of survey respondents, reported experiencing intermittent bullying in the past year, according to research led by Professor Jarrod Haar, Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Mahuta. Using a large…

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Team Engagement – Case Study

Working Wise worked with Wellington City Council to improve team engagement with health, safety and wellbeing to: Download the case study here.…

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SafePlus Case Study – MWLASS

Working Wise delivered SafePlus assessments for councils participating in MWLASS to improve health, safety and wellbeing practices. The outcome of this project identified a few key takeaways from the case study: …

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Lead Indicators: Using the correct metrics to measure health, safety and wellbeing performance

Given the detrimental effects that poor health and safety performance can have on the finances and reputation of a business, as well as on workers and their families, it is…

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Privacy in health and safety: part III

Exposure and Health Monitoring What are the rules around health testing? This much is clear: under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its regulations, businesses have an…

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Training to be a Health and Safety Representative (HSR)

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) play a valuable role within organisations, by providing a health, safety, and wellbeing voice for workers. They support worker engagement and have the power to…

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Reporting incidents and hazards – the fundamentals

Reporting might not be the most exciting of topics. But reporting incidents and hazards is important – it helps identify health, safety, and wellbeing trends and prevents future incidents.  The…

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How Legalising Cannabis Might Affect the Workplace

Cannabis is the most used illicit substance in New Zealand. Estimates suggest that by the age of 21 in the region of 80% of young people will have used cannabis…

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Lessons from Lockdown: Working from home

During lockdown earlier this year, Working Wise conducted Virtual Workstation Assessments to provide support to remote workers and educate them on the best practices of setting up an ergonomic workstation…

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Having a Clear and Easy Process for Reporting

Reporting incidents and hazards helps workplaces identify trends in health and safety and prevent future incidents from occurring. Unfortunately, reporting is still often considered an administrative burden that is too…

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