The Truth Behind Standing Desks

Have you ever wondered why standing desks are becoming a trend in modern workplaces? Once considered a novelty, these desks are now reshaping how we work. But are they as…

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WorkSafe’s New Way to Access Health and Safety Data

WorkSafe NZ have completely redesigned the way you can access health and safety data. They have created a ‘Data Centre’ which is a lot easier to navigate, especially for the…

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Go Easy On Yourself

Have you messed up at work lately? Hey, don’t stress – everybody makes mistakes. Failure can strike deep at our feelings of self-worth, and after a significant failure, people often…

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What Makes a Workplace Healthy?

The World Health Organisation’s definition of a healthy workplace is: “…one in which workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and…

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Fatigue vs Productivity

Fatigue can lead to errors, accidents, ill-health and injury. It has been identified as a root cause in major accidents such as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Challenger and Exxon Valdez…

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Close up of young people taking and tasting white pills
Measuring the Cost of Drug Abuse

In 2016 the Ministry of Health published the first NZ Drug Harm Index. It is an attempt to quantify the damage caused by illicit drugs along three axies: personal harm,…

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Infographics to Liven Up Your Meetings?

Okay, health and safety meetings can be a bit dull. Infographics are great for bringing a group’s attention into focus. In many cases, they can also help launch discussions that…

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