The Differences a SafePlus Assessment Can Make

SafePlus Assessment

New Zealand presents a dangerously high rate of workplace injuries and fatalities in the world. “The social and economic cost of people being killed and hurt in New Zealand workplaces is conservatively estimated at $3.5 billion each year “. This calls for businesses to urgently review their current health and safety systems.

SafePlus is an effective toolkit for New Zealand businesses who aim to achieve a safe and healthy workplace, beyond minimum compliance. It focuses on improving businesses through measuring health and safety performance against best practices in the workplace.

Onsite SafePlus Assessments carried out by an Accredited Assessor is a robust way to really make a difference in your workplace health and safety. Onsite reviews provide more advantages for a business, as opposed to an online assessment.

What Does a SafePlus Assessor Do Onsite?

The SafePlus assessor/s will:

  • observe practices, behaviours, attitudes perceptions and culture onsite
  • interview workers, managers and senior leaders at all levels
  • review the effectiveness of systems and processes
  • follow three key health and safety risks in your business to identify how well they are being managed.
Benefits of an Onsite SafePlus Assessment
  • An individual assessor provides guidance and advice specifically tailored for your business’ needs
  • A fresh pair of eyes looking into your workplace can help locate gaps that the business may have missed. They will identify what your business is currently doing well or what you’re missing in terms of health and safety. Furthermore, they’ll provide recommendations in order for you to make effective changes and incremental improvements.
  • It will provide a degree of confidence about your business’ performance and confirm you are investing in health and safety sensibly.
  • It will prove to your employees that you are committed to actively addressing health and safety risks in the workplace.
  • In the long term, improved health and safety can reduce costs, increase productivity and create a more gratifying workplace.

To read more on the benefits of an Onsite SafePlus Assessment, check out WorkSafe’s guide for Onsite Assessments and Advisory Services.

Alternatively, contact the team at Working Wise now to get one of our Accredited Assessors on-board to conduct an Onsite SafePlus Assessment for your business. Our are highly committed in ensuring your workplace exceeds the standards of a safe and healthy workplace.

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