The Work “Do” (and Associated Don’ts)

Planning an end-of-year party? Remember: one size does not fit all!

Some folk love a good binge; some never drink; others face a daily struggle trying to stay sober. Some are battling with low self-esteem, cultural issues, stress or phobia. Others are perennially ‘on the make’ or ‘mean drunks’.

Some must get home early for reasons beyond their control, and others (about 40%) are introverts — who are likely to feel uncomfortable in a noisy crowd. Then there’s that group who will be bored silly unless there’s loud music and dancing.

So — how do you plan an event without alienating half of the team? We suggest you consider two key words: preparation and options. Here are three very different articles that may help:, and

Remember — this is not about party animals versus killjoys; it’s about building an inclusive workplace culture. And that is something well worth celebrating!

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