Workstation Assessments & Health Monitoring

Good workstation set-up is crucial to prevent pain, discomfort and injury in office workers.

Getting workstation assessments for your staff is a constructive way to demonstrate that your company is serious about workplace health and safety.

But what you might not have known is it can also be a key contributor to improving workplace performance and risk management. Recent international research showed ergonomic interventions such as workstation assessments and consultative purchasing decisions created the most profit for businesses.

 Full Workstation Assessment- – 45 minutes person

Ideal for team members who are experiencing pain, have an injury or ongoing medical condition

  • $137.50 + GST per person
 Roving assessments

If you’ve moved floors or office buildings, this can be a good option to make sure all your staff are set up correctly.
Our assessor will come on site and help your staff set themselves up correctly.

  • We generally charge an hourly rate of $150 + GST.
Mini Workstation Assessment – 20 minutes per person

Great for new team members coming on board to make sure they are set up correctly or staff that have been there for a while and never had an assessment done.

  • $90 + GST for one person
  • $68.75 + GST per person if two or more are being assessed on the same day/session


 Group education sessions

A great option if you want to educate all your staff in one or two group sessions. Get in touch with us and we can discuss prices.

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Flu vaccinations

Our vaccination season runs each year from end of March to June.

It’s easy… Working Wise will:

  • Come to your office or place of work
  • Provide a friendly, experienced, and fully registered nurse and a first aider
  • Take care of all your bookings and arrangements
  • Provide promotional material on the programme and the current vaccinations
  • Make sure it’s professional, quick and painless
  • Provide follow up care for 20 minutes after each vaccination.
  • Provide additional clinics at our offices for small groups and for anyone away on the day of our visit.

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DPI/OOS Prevention Seminars

We run a very successful one hour DPI/OOS prevention seminar that works well for new staff in an induction setting, or existing staff. We guarantee no one will be bored silly or will drift off to sleep. We even supply participants with readable handouts and demonstrate practical stretches and exercises.

 Health Monitoring

Health is often the overlooked part of health and safety and definitely requires attention in many workplaces. We can work with you to design a programme that helps you manage your occupational health risks.

We can perform all our health monitoring at your site. However, you may wish to send them to our centrally located office in the Wellington CBD

Our services include:

  • Hearing, Lung Function and Vision screening
  • Health screening programmes
  • Wellness programmes
  • Drug testing
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Health education programmes

Contact us about the health part of health and safety.


Hearing, Lung Function and Vision Tests

Audiometry (hearing), vision screening and spirometry (lung function) tests are all performed for employees that are exposed in the workplace to noise, eye strain.

High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart disease Screening

The glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI are all performed as part of healthy workplace programmes.



Drug testing

Drug testing includes urine testing for opiates, cannabis, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, and cocaine. Blood tests are done for people exposed to heavy metals for example – lead. These tests all meet the NZ Standards guidelines.

Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening includes a brief medical questionnaire, and any of the other above tests that are appropriate for the prospective employment position.

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